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Having trouble with the store website is moving to Weebly!  I had to add an “s” to the end of the domain, so it’s now  be patient while we set up the selling site and check back again soon!

Half off admission to Stitches Midwest 2012!

Here’s some wonderful websites with $5 off coupons for Stitches Midwest this weekend.  Hope to see you there, I’ll be at booth  #534.


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Hope you enjoy pumpkin pie with your feast this year  :)  Click on the link for a holiday e-card.

Rattlebox – Pumpkin Pie.

Reduced Shipping Charges

Up until now, we’ve been shipping packages to our US customers via Priority Mail.  As of January 4, the cost of Priority Mail is going up though.  Way up.  Up so much that we don’t think anyone will want to pay that much.  So we’re switching to First Class.  If you’d still like Priority Mail shipping, let us know and we can tell you how much it would cost, but we figure most people would probably rather just pay less.  And of course shipping for US orders over $100 is still free!

Hello world!

This is the newest blog for the Fairy Yarnmother website.  There was another blog, but it was harder for me to update and I’m hoping that this one will easier to keep current because it’s linked to my FiberArtCafe blog.   I’ll use this site to post the things there isn’t any room for on the website. 

Below are examples of the types of yarns and fibers for sale at Fairy Yarnmother.  Follow the link and check it out!  There are several artists selling at the site and the address is Fairy Yarnmother.